Hailing from California and now located in Sin City, Las Vegas based artist Zack Gray has converted years of experience fronting alt-rock outfits - performing alongside everyone from The Neighbourhood and Imagine Dragons to Dashboard Confessional, and having music featured on ABC and MTV - into a solo passion project that blends electronic and R&B stylings. His debut single, “A Man Apart,” is ripe with intricate production and melodic introspection as he sings about a past girlfriend who stripped for a living down the road from his work, and in turn, the resulting fear of serving men who had just used his girlfriend’s services.

In Zack’s own words, the song “is about my past relationship with a stripper who I met in Vegas (on Tinder) while visiting my Dad for my birthday. That relationship, eventually, is what brought me to move to Vegas. In the first year of moving, I started working graveyard at the Wynn hotel, at one of their late night Italian restaurants. My girlfriend had worked right down the street at one of the local strip clubs, Spearmint Rhino. During my late night shifts at the Wynn (while she was working as well), I couldn't help but imagine that some, or maybe even one of the men that came into eat, had just come from seeing her at the club/haven gotten a lap dance from her. This possible reality, along with the many other evils of dealing with being in a relationship with someone of her profession, inspired this song. At many moments I felt like a man in pieces, or ‘A Man Apart’.”


The first taste of Zack’s debut EP, A Man Apart, is available to stream and purchase on April 7th.

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